Hand caressing cute homeless dog with sweet looking eyes in summer park. Person hugging adorable yellow dog with funny cute emotions. Adoption concept.


There are a lot of “how-to” teach your dog different things books. But few books on what dogs can teach us. I hope I opened the door a little bit with First Dog On Earth. And because I listened they whispered a few to me.
A dog can teach you the value of trust. The power of loyalty. The consistency of love. A dog can teach you kindness and care. They can teach you that love doesn’t depend on how you look, but how you act. A dog can teach a young one the importance of care and responsibility.

You dog knows what you need and it pays to listen to them. If they sniff you over and over in the same place. Get to a doctor. If they fix their eyes on you and don’t leave, they know you need their attention. Speaking of attention, a dog is a good listener. They actual pay attention to you. They want you to be happy and safe.

My favorite thing is to see a dog engaged in what their human is doing. They don’t much care what it is but only care that you’re doing it and doing it with them. And if you let them join you, you will see their happiness in their eyes.

What other creature does back-flips if you show up? Is filled with joy as you walk in the door, lets you know with a tilt of their head that they are reading your emotions?

What do they want in return? Your touch. Your love. You care. That’s a lot for a little and that makes dogs so much.